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I have always been drawn towards music. Music and sound, fascinated me. Growing up in Karachi, Pakistan, musical instruments and musicians, were rare. I remained self taught on an old beat up acoustic guitar until I moved to the United States, when I was 16. While studying Mechanical Engineering, I was also taking classes in music on the side and playing in local bands. I eventually received a Masters degree in Classical guitar in 1993. Moving back to Pakistan for a few years in the middle allowed me to discover the indigenous music of my culture. I trained in North Indian Classical music and discovered a new music with a totally different emotional vocabulary. 

In 2009, I moved back to the United States. I discovered production music in 2010 and saw in it a craft that would allow me to use and blend all the different genres and styles of music that I had grown up with. I also found in it a way to express my unique heritage of World music and Western influences.

I am in awe of the power of sound and music, It is a mysterious force which I will never completely understand. I remain thankful that it is my way of life.


Master of Arts, Classical Guitar, Meadows Conservatory, Southern Methodist University, 1993

Bachelor of Arts, Music Theory and Composition, Loyola Marymount University, 1990

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Loyola Marymount University, 1990

Studied North Indian Classical music and slide guitar with Ustad Raees Khan, 2007-2008

Instruments played

Guitars: Classical guitar, steel string acoustic, dobro, lap slide, electric guitar, bass guitar, fretless bass

Other Stringed Instruments: Mandolin, ukulele

World Instruments: Indian slide guitar (Mohan Veena), Turkish Oud, Afghan rabab, Baglama Saz, tumbi

Percussion: Bendir and frame drums, riq, darbukas and djembes, bongos, conga, tabla, shakers, udu, tablatones

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